Engineering design and analysis form a crucial part of product development cycle. We at Autobot India provide services in this domain for various industries and academic organizations. We provide solutions to various engineering problems related to structural, pneumatic, electrical etc. We are currently handling projects in different industrial segments like automotive, aerospace, medical etc.
We are also providing support to students of various engineering colleges through, software skill development training programs for handling complex projects which will open a gateway for them to enter into the modern engineering industry.

Engineering Drawing

Autobot India holds brilliant engineers to provide the best-detailed solution of your project with the help of Engineering Drawings layouts.

Individual Component Design

We provide CAD/CAM design for various industrial components with different geometry and material composition, which will be manufactured and will be ready to use.

System Design

The system design consultancy includes industrial designing, planning, the process of Architectural modules, Interfaces and data for a system to satisfy a specified requirement.

Fixture Design

We also provide fixture design which is used for holding, supporting and locating a workpiece during any manufacturing process or operation which is an essential part of automated manufacturing process, inspection, and assembly operation.

Pneumatic and Hydraulic System Design

The prototyping includes all reliable, robust and economic consultancy services starting from different types of Motors having variety of sizes, load, power, torque, performance which may operate in all quadrants of speed torque plane.

Stress and Strain Analysis

CAD/CAM analysis featured in different design and analysis platforms for various materials and geometric dimensions helps to understand individual as well as assembly level system behavior at different forces and pressure values.

Finite Element Analysis

We provide finite element analysis on a different platform which includes material or structural behavior in real-world forces, vibrations, heat, fluid flow and other physical effects with detailed numerical and computerized methods.