Lithium-ion Battery Consultancy

Autobot India is India’s leading lithium-ion battery consultancy company. We deliver 360-degree solution for Lithium Battery Pack Simulation, Design, Testing, Battery Management System (BMS), Lab setups and Manufacturing for Public Sector Industries, Defense Sector Industries, Communication Sector, Power Generation & Distribution, Solar Innovation, Research & Development forums, Institutions and Projects.

Lithium Battery Simulation

To analyze and simulate different characteristics at electrochemical level (temperature, charge /discharge voltage, internal resistance, current, etc.) of Lithium ion batteries of different shape, size and Power requirement with simulation methods.

Lithium Battery Pack Design

Our experts are ready to work for you to meet any voltage or capacity requirement of Lithium - Cobalt Oxide Battery, Lithium – Titanate Battery, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, Lithium-Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide Battery and Lithium-Manganese Oxide Battery. We provide different configuration of battery packs, multi row cells, nested type, circular type and linear type cell with different charge or discharge rates. Construction of Battery Packs, Battery Chemistries and Pack Assembly with heat sink tubing, lead wiring, thermostat installation, connectors, Nickel Stripping, Adhesive facilities and protecting cases are also designed.

Lithium Testing

We also provide lithium cell design testing facilities such as Performance Characteristics, Mechanical Testing, testing under different Safety Standards or DEF (Defense Standards), Cycle Testing, Load Testing, Testing of Charging & Discharging Rates, Tests of cell Cycle & Cell Capacity, Dimension Accuracy testing, Static & Dynamic mechanical stress testing, Abuse testing, Battery Management System Testing, different Sensors testing , Performance Monitoring, Internal Resistance, Impedance & Conductance Testing, Open Circuit Voltage (OCV), State of Charge (SOC), State of Health (SOH), different failure testing and Environmental Testing.

Battery Management System (BMS)

Our high end technology and labs are ready to develop Battery Management System (BMS) for any kind of Lithium Battery packs to monitor and regulate State of Charge (SOH), State of Health (SOH), State of Function (SOF), Protection while charging and discharging, Dry Out, Corrosion, Plate Separation, Temperature and other Malfunctioning of Lithium Battery Packs using System Management Bus (SMBus), Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) and the simpler Local Interconnect Network (LIN Bus) for automotive use.

Lab setups

Autobot India provides assistance in development of Advance Level Battery Pack Simulation, Design & Development labs and its equipment for different Public Sector, Private Sector Industries, Automobile, Research & Development Forums and Academic Sector College or Universities.