Autobot India works with a vision to establish Racing Infrastructure in our country and to empower people with Racing Enthusiasm. We deliver cutting-edge Professional Driver Training Programs and assist in implementing Modern Technology in the field of Racing


Autobot India provides race track design solutions with national and international circuit standards, safety, size, and multiutility features.
Our team provides consultancy for designing and developing all kinds of tracks like Road circuits, street Circuits, race circuits, leisure circuit and Off-Road Race Tracks with design layout, 3D renders, the driver in loop animations, operational equipment, and FMSCI approval.


Autobot can simulate new track designs using real data and vehicle set-ups from performance of road cars, Bikes, ATV’s, SUV’s and single seater categories to make informed decisions about their facilities from a usability and safety perspective. Our full vehicle model simulator can analyze the following data, like a real race car, bike, and ATV at any point around a circuit:
  • Race Line, Clipping Points, Track Width, Camber, and Height Variation
  • Track maps with minimum and maximum speeds at each corner
  • Vehicle speed lap trace
  • Throttle % & steering angles
  • G-forces (Longitudinal / Lateral)


Autobot can prepare operational plans for new and existing race track venues to enhance promotional and revenue from the model.


Autobot India can convert design drawings into the required format for the following national governing body reviews and design approvals. Using a professional race track designer helps to reduce risk of changes and modifications to your track during or after construction. Autobot India can provide design packages to meet the requirements of MotoGP, World Superbike, Saloon cars, karting, rallycross and experiential driving events.


ABI is able to convert your new or existing racetrack into a virtual reality environment, allowing customers to experience the thrill of driving the circuit in a 3D virtual world. Benefits to clients include:
  • Race Line, Clipping Points, Track Width, Camber, and Height Variation
  • Cutting edge Driver-in-the-Loop feedback
  • VR helps easy changes to be made prior to construction
  • A virtual vision on racing events and competitions


Autobot India is assisting best solutions to automotive brands and racetrack owners to assist with independent safety reviews, audits and design alterations to assess and improve race track venue safety.
  • On Track Speed Simulations
  • Race Track Safety Inspections
  • Race Track Risk Assessments
  • Track health and safety audits
  • Track Accident Investigation

Recent Projects

ABI has delivered some of the best consultancy services to corporates as well to academics in the field of Design, Engineering, Training and Development, Market Research, Product Launch, Production, Motorsports etc.
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We did wonders in past. Currently we are consulting to Polaris for the Polaris Racing event.
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We designed few biggest tracks in India (off-road). We’re official track design consultants for Polaris PEZ’s catering PAN India.
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