Motor Design and Prototype

Autobot India is world class known consultancy forum for Motor Design, Analysis, Prototyping and Manufacturing with top notch solution in terms of quality, performance, accuracy which is ready to implement in any application. Here we are assisting Automotive, Aerospace, Wind Turbines, Green Energy, Power Generation, Pharmaceuticals and Defense sector Industries to get their required solution.

Motor Design

We provide design and analysis consultancy for motor and drives concept, performance optimization, Permanent Magnet, Induction, and Switched Reluctance Motors, Electromagnetic Clutches Sensors, Electromagnetic Virtual Prototyping, Reduction and Optimization, Motor Failure Analysis and Resolution, Comparative Motors Evaluation.

Motor Drives

Autobot India holds excellence in motor drive consultancy of wide range speed, torque and Power for single motor drive, group of motor, reversible drives and irreversible drives and power modulators such as Converters, Variable Impedance Circuits, Switching Circuits, cyclo-converters, PWM Control Units, Logic Controllers and Military grade drive systems.


The prototyping includes all reliable, robust and economic prototyping manufacturing consultancy starting from different types of Motors having variety of size, load, power, torque, performance which may operate in all quadrants of speed torque plane.