ABI offers state-of-art, international level training courses combines theory with an exciting practical interactive experience and a delivery style that enables academics to take an active part in their learning experience. Real group exercises in safe, controlled, realistic training environments are used to make the courses fun, challenging and enjoyable. We try very hard to ensure any presentations are kept interesting and pertinent to the academic needs. We aim to provide individuals and company groups with a “one stop solution platform” (OSP) by combining courses to maximise the learning experience and ensures time spent with us is cost effective. At ABI training we try where possible to use real-time demonstration from the industry and academic working environments to ensure they can relate to the information provided. Courses content is continually updated by our trainers,industry partners, using academic experiences gained from real life scenarios enabling us to keep the training courses fresh, vibrant and representative of best practice through industry.


Autobot India Edu (ABI Edu) objective is majorly focused to establish practical learning ecosystem towards R&D culture, skill development and strength building to make Indian universities as prominent R&D destination.


Innovative Structure

A differentiated three-tiered university learning system (PLA)

PLA Model

PLA stands for “Practical Learning Approach” an advanced learning approach model integrated in each ABI training courses ensuring the best output outcomes of each students participating for our courses.
  • Passion-to-Build - PTB module aims to facilitate the manufacturing best practices (R&D) to strength the skills and knowledge.
  • Passion-to-Design - PTD module aims to offer state-of-art world class designing learning and real time developing the industry level concepts.
  • Design-to-Race - DTR aims to educate and train motorsports aspirants at university level for developing vehicles or parts for the national and international level competitions exploring the career opportunity in the motorsports world.


AERIC (Autobot India Education Research and Innovation Center) is a flagship program by Autobot India with a mission to promote and establish research and development ecosystem at university level. This initiative by ABI is to push the higher education and education technology at world class by bringing the state-of-the-art learning in all academic disciplines.
This approach will open the wide window for the campus innovations and patents by the young engineers. AERIC as a platform will facilitate the R&D roadmap for the universities in various domains such as e-mobility, aerospace, AI, green energy, robotics, automotive design and research etc.


  • R&D Excellence Program
  • Live Projects
  • Specialized Curriculum Development
  • Faculty Development Programs
  • Internship Programs (National and International)
  • Training and Workshops
  • Motorsports
  • Online Programs