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    One Stop Solution :
    Shaping the EV Eco-System

    Design Research | Concept Design | Market Research | Prototyping

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    Your Futuristic Partner :
    Bringing FUTURISTIC ideas into Reality

    Digital Modelling | VR/AR | Visualization | AI

  • Autobot

    Bringing State-of-the-art :
    Your innovative TRAINING Partner

    Electric Vehicle | Automotive Design | AI | Green Energy Storage

  • Autobot

    Making India a step ahead :
    Best TRACKS for better GRIP

    Design & Development | Site Evaluation | Business Planning

  • Autobot

    The Green Energy :
    Developing Advanced ENERGY storage solutions

    Solar Design | Battery Management System | Testing | Simulation

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    Professional & Dynamic Consultancy:
    Tailor-made creativity by excellent Team

    Management | Design | R&D | Racing


Autobot India is a global emerging company offering state-of-the art advanced education in technology. We are also a leading company that offers consultancy in design and engineering to the mainstream automotive, aerospace, defense, education and motorsports. We also aim to bring futuristic design and engineering with an innovative technology and solutions along with offering top-level, highly-customized services as per our client's requirement.


ABI has delivered some of the best consultancy services to corporates as well to academics in the field of Design, Engineering, Training and Development, Market Research, Product Launch, Production, Motorsports etc.
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We did wonders in past. Currently we are consulting to Polaris for the Polaris Racing event.
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We designed few biggest tracks in India (off-road). We’re official track design consultants for Polaris PEZ’s catering PAN India.
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Electric Vehicle Design and Development

We're developing New products & technology for sustainable envinoment.

EV- Energy Storage System

“Learn, Create & Invent” green energy solutions for India

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Learn machine learning & Build advanced robots




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