Twenty Two Motors unveils Flow Electric Scooter with a 80 km range


Flow Electric ScooterTwenty Two Motors, a 2016 established startup announced its first product in the form of an electric scooter in its concept form named – Flow. The company claims the scooter is nearly production ready. Targeting the young and modern commuters Flow electric scooter looks good and gets round headlamps with integrated LED ring and a clean angular design

Flow electric scooter weighs 85 kgs and is equipped with a 2,100 watts electric motor churning out an impressive peak torque of 90 Nm at 100 rpm. It is capable of 80 Km on a single charge with a peak speed of 60 kmph. This DC motor is powered by a Lithium-ion battery can be fully charged in to hours.

Flow Electric ScooterFlow Electric scooter also gets disc brakes at the front and the rear, telescopic suspension, mobile charging socket and a storage box for two medium size helmets. With some unique features also on offer which have not seen day light on other scooters like a reverse gear, cruise control, Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS), programmable LED lights and Dual ABS.

Another unique feature going into Flow electric scooter is Geo Fencing to limit the scooter to cross a defined area. In case the scooter crosses the area, user gets a notification on the app and can remotely shut it down.

Flow Electric ScooterTwenty Two Motors has invested Rs 5 million in its manufacturing unit in Bhiwadi and has an installed capacity to produce 10,000 units annually. The startup conducted open houses and surveys for customers in NCR, Jaipur and Pune.

Company claims an estimated price of INR 70,000, but with all those features it is difficult to see that introductory price.




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