Tata Nano EV to be christened as NEO by Jayem Automotive! But, you cant buy!


Tata Nano EV - Jayem Neo

As per a report by Autocar India, Tata Nano EV will be launched by Jayem Automotive as Jayem Neo. Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to launch Tata Nano EV which will be christened as Jayem in Hyderabad on 28th November.

Let us remind you Jayem Automotive is a Coimbatore based firm which entered into a joint-venture (JT Special Vehicles) to produce sporty versions of Tata vehicles. Tata Motors would provide body shells without engine and transmission to Jayem Automotive who will market and manufacture Neo electric vehicle and market it. At present the Nano EV (Jayem Neo) would be sold by Jayem and we might also see Tata Motors to introduce one under its own name in future.

Jayem will procure electric motor from Electra EV. Electra EV, provides A-Z solutions for electric powertrain, charging station and battery packs in this space.

In an official announcement by Jayem Automotive – “Coimbatore-based Jayem Automotives will launch electric cars known as the ‘Neo’. The 48-volt Neo will be assembled and marketed by Jayem Auto and has been produced in strategic association with Tata Motors. The Neo is powered by an electric drive system developed and supplied to Jayem by Electra EV, a technology company which develops and produces electric drive systems. The first batch of cars will be supplied shortly.”

Jayem Neo (Tata Nano EV) will be powered by a 48-volt battery pack that churns out 23hp with a 200 kilometers range on full charge which would reduce to about 140 kilometers when driven with four occupants and air conditioner.

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But, the general public would not have access to this EV as, Jayem Neo would supply these to Ola cabs. But, not to be disappointed we expect a more advance with better power and range Nano EV to launch with a Tata badge soon for private buyers.

Statement from Tata Motors: “Tata Motors has plans to be a significant player in the electric vehicle market and plans to develop a series of products in passenger cars and commercial vehicles in the EV space. It has already won a prestigious order of 10,000 EVs from the Government of India. The electric drive systems for this prestigious order have been developed and supplied by Electra EV – a company established to develop and supply electric drive systems for the automotive sector. Specific to the Neo order, Tata Motors has supported Jayem Auto with body shells and associated components.”



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