India’s first on-campus EV Technology Learning center to open by Autobot India


In a first, Autobot India is all set to launch an on-campus EV learning center in collaboration with GL Bajaj Institute of Technology and Management (GLITM), Greater Noida, where Autobot India, an evolving specialised Electric Vehicle training and consultancy company i.e. Autobot Engineers India Pvt. Ltd. It comes as a great move in support of Government of India  E-mobility mission 2030. Both the organizations vowed to empower EV education and signed an agreement on January 08, 2019 hence becoming North India’s first institute to do so.  GL Bajaj being the Knowledge Partner of Autobot India will now onwards aid to promote technology of the future of E-mobility among engineering students. This center, to be inaugurated on April 06, 2019, will facilitate the students from degree as well as diploma background with industry level education on electric vehicles.

The automotive industry is evolving rapidly, vehicles have become more autonomous & technically advanced that they are capable of higher performance, easy to optimize fuel efficiency and zero emission to prevent environment. The expertise in assembly, design, battery chemistry, electric motors and advanced computer systems is highly valued now. What are we missing out on? It’s lack of segment based education, Focus on skill development. The Government of India has announced the importance of skill development then what are we waiting for?

Electric vehicles are successfully running on roads in India. There is no doubt it is going to capture a huge market in future and those who can foresee its potential are relentlessly working on bringing all possible efforts at one place. Electric Vehicle Technology Learning Centre (EVTLC™) and Autobot Engineering Research and Innovation Centre (AERIC™) are two such models introduced by Autobot India after much discussion with the industry experts. Approximately 5000+ students are expected to be trained extensively in manufacturing, designing, development, servicing, maintenance and various other.

EVTLC, Electric Vehicle Technology Learning Center, will be installed at GL Bajaj’s campus. It includes an industry supported training program, a full-fledged industry-like lab to learn working of electric vehicles, establishment of high end equipment and tools, industry validated certification and many more. Another vertical in this program, AERIC (Autobot Engineering and Innovation Center) is an innovation center to boost up research and development prospects in our country. Autobot India will set up gilt-edged infrastructure within the campus of any institution itself. The main aim would be to encourage practical approach. The concepts in EV field and the cutting-edge technology will tempt the participants to get involved into it.

Director & CMO of Autobot India, Ashwini Tiwary expressed his views on this Program- “India is moving towards Electric mobility with Government clearing FAME II policy has boosted the confidence of Automotive industry to grow at a faster pace. Considering the future growth of the industry, as soon all major OEM’s will go on mass production, there will be a huge demand for skilled, specialized and professional manpower. At present, still our automotive industry lags with 10,000 trained engineers for the EV industry. With EVTLC™ learning and development platform will foster the industry with job ready manpower for Indian and international EV market.


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