109.72 thousand battery electric vehicles in 2012 and 1928.36 thousand in 2017, speak more than anything else. Nearly 1658 % increase! This sounds great! E-mobility i.e. electric mobility, in basic terms, is movement on electric vehicles. Technically, the term electro mobility includes full electric vehicles, as well as hybrid electric vehicles and those using hydrogen fuel cell technology.

With every passing year the purchase numbers are gaining momentum. Government of India is taking special interest towards this sector. It certainly took efforts by introducing schemes like FAME.

Our mother earth’s valuable resources are unfortunately coming down to nil rapidly. One of the steps towards saving nature is adopting e-mobility as much as possible.

Benefits of E-mobility

E-mobility comes with numerous benefits. Just when we started to worry about the extinction of fossil fuels, world’s innovators popped up a solution. Well, the benefits of E-mobility will surely compel you to take one.

E-mobility helps to reduce the amount of energy used by the transportation sector. It certainly helps reduce carbon emissions which is a big part in the global pollution problem. It has greater efficiency. It has been forecasted that this sector is going to generate great employment opportunities.  The overall cost to the consumer is much lower than the current costs of ICE vehicles. The intensity of dependence on fossil fuels will be lower. The best part is that is leading to vast numbers of innovations such as improved efficiency, better design, higher performance levels, and cost reduction techniques etc.

To support this as well as government of India’s mission E-mobility 2030, Autobot India has initiated a National level campaign where in People from different cities , backgrounds, professions are showing high level interest and eagerness. Looks like we have started thinking for the future of our country and it’s a good sign!

About the campaign

It is one of the India’s biggest EV awareness campaigns and a social awareness initiative by Autobot India to support Government of India Mission E-mobility 2030. The campaign aims to reach length & breadth of India to create awareness about E-mobility.

It is a digital platform based campaign where we are inviting pro-environmental enthusiast, students, industry professionals, government bodies to join us as a contributor, influencer and volunteer to spread e-mobility’s awareness among their network.


There are three roles to don: Influencer, Contributor and Volunteer.

An Influencer will be the one who can influence people by creating some EV awareness content in the form of videos on his social media platforms like facebook, instagram, youtube and linkedin.

The video is required to be uploaded with a tag to Autobot India. Team ABI will keep track of the impressions on your video would be creating and based on that EV Influencer of the year 2019 will be decided.

A contributor will be the one who can contribute some impressive articles or any research on electric vehicles.

Your content is required to be published on social media platforms or any blogging platforms with a tag to Autobot India. Team ABI will be analyzing your content and top 10 contributors will be selected.

At last, a volunteer will be the one who will help make this event even more successful. Help us in campaigning and earn accolades.

For more details go through the participation guidelines file.

Recognition, Awards & Rewards

  1. Top Contributors & Influencers will be awarded with “EV Influencer of the Year” by Autobot India and its industry partners along with one Certificate of Appreciation and limited edition customized #IsupportEmobility T-shirt with your Year of Birth on it.
  2. Will be recognized under “HALL OF FAME” on our website and in our e-book


Association with The Sun Pedal Ride

Having a mission of riding along the Golden Quadrilateral covering 6000 kms in just 60 days in a solar powered tuk-tuk!, The Sun Pedal Ride has come into collaboration with our event. During its journey, there will be talks over tea on solar energy, electric mobility and healthy living.

Autobot India is proud to associate with #sunpedalride Golden Quadrilateral as ‘co-sponsor & knowledge partner’ to make India’s one of the biggest awareness journeys on E-Mobility and sustainable mobility. This journey will be under the charge of Mr. Sushil Reddy, a Guinness world record holder, with his team on a retrofitted solar electric rickshaw developed by Volta Automotive India private Limited.




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