#IsupprortEmobility is one of India’s biggest EV awareness campaign, a social awareness initiative by Autobot India to support Government of India Mission E-mobility 2030. The campaign aims to reach the length & breadth of India to create awareness about E-mobility benefits for our environment, health and ecosystem to crate a right mindset for Electric mobility adoption.

#IsupportEmobiltiy is a platform based campaign where we are inviting pro-environmental enthusiast, students, industry professionals, government bodies to join us as a contributor, influencer and volunteer to make the campaign go big and successful at gross root level with your proactive support and contribution.

Mission #IsupportEmobility

To create awareness and educate people of India on E-mobility Technology, New Career Opportunity, Green Environment and Clean Transportation.


The SunPedal Ride is a movement to create awareness about solar energy, sustainable mobility and healthy living.

With the advent of climate change, the future generations will be affected if we, as a community, do not act at the right time. So lets pledge to act together and follow simple practices to live a sustainable life.

Help us to spread the word about sustainability!

EV Boot Camp is just not a program for engineering/diploma participants, Autobot India take it as a challenge every year to train our participants with all possible practical experiments on Chassis Design, Vehicle Dynamics, Motor, Controller, Lithium Ion Battery, Wire Harness, Testing Standards, Manufacturing of Electric Vehicle and Test Drive on the Developed Prototype within 4 weeks.

Every year Autobot India team changes the vehicle design to make the program challenging for both participants and ABI team.


Your impactful contributions will be featured at our “Hall of Fame” and the member will be awarded by our “Hall of Fame” Certificate.

Guideline of Participation

  1. Any person can participate. Make sure you have a Green Heart.
  2. Register with us and choose your participation category
  3. Once registration is done, we’ll process your on-boarding under the provided category i.e. Contributor, Influencer or Volunteer.
  4. Our team will be in touch via campaign common platform for day-to-day activity or event updates.
  5. Active participation will be awarded and rewarded to appreciate your time and efforts for the campaign.








Indian Cities Pollution Index

Delhi 189μg/m3
Bangalore 129μg/m3
Kolkata 151μg/m3
Mumbai 126μg/m3
Hyderabad 169μg/m3
Chennai 104μg/m3
Ahmedabad 84μg/m3

How to make an EV

I want to become contributor

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