Get ready for Toyota Vitara Brezza and Suzuki Corolla Altis! Yes, that`s true


Suzuki CorollaWell, we are not kidding a Toyota Vitara Brezza and Baleno to make it to Indian roads soon and even a Suzuki Corolla as well. Toyota and Suzuki had decided to strengthen their business partnership through a MoU signed in November last year. As per the agreement, Toyota Kirloskar Motor will sell a rebadged Maruti Vitara Brezza and Suzuki would sell a rebadged Corolla in our market through their respective sales outlets.

We explain you how. Do you see a Nissan Micra and a rebadged Micra in the form of Renault Pulse? Similarly, Toyota would rebadge Vitara Brezza and Baleno. On the other Suzuki gets access to Corolla Altis. They have concluded a basic agreement toward the mutual supply of hybrid and other vehicles between the two companies for the
Indian market.

Toyota Vitara BrezzaSpecifically, Suzuki will supply the Baleno and Vitara Brezza vehicle models to Toyota, while Toyota will
supply the Corolla vehicle model to Suzuki. Details on each model, such as the schedule of the start of
supply, number of supplied units, vehicle specifications, and supply pricing, will be considered at a later
stage. The vehicles will be sold by respective subsidiaries of Toyota and Suzuki based in India through
their sales networks. By challenging and competing with each other with the goal of mutual improvement,
Toyota and Suzuki aim to invigorate the Indian automotive market to further enhance their respective
products and services to be offered to customers.

Both the companies are expected to restyle the vehicles that they would share and introduce them with their own badge in the market. This would help both the manufacturers to capture the market in segments that they have been absent. Maruti Suzuki would enter the premium segment, which they have tried with Baleno sedan and Kizashi and fail. On the other Toyota has a bad reputation with the Etios and Liva hatch and are absent from the premium hatchback segment and the fast-growing compact SUV segment in India. Toyota Baleno and Toyota Vitara Brezza would help them cover up in these segments.

For the vehicle models covered by the basic agreement, the two companies will enhance their efforts to procure components locally to the extent possible toward the achievement of the “Make in India” initiative promoted by the Indian government. Toyota and Suzuki remain committed to the widespread acceptance and use of less fuel-consuming vehicles to help India reduce its environmental footprint and enhance energy security.

Pursuant to the agreement announced on February 6, 2017, the two companies will continue to explore
other collaborative projects that will contribute to the attainment of a sustainable mobile society in a manner that ensures fair and free competition.

The agreement is silent on what model of Corolla would be supplied to Suzuki, as the 11th generation is soon to be launched in the market.



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