Formula One restyled logo through the eyes of Autobot India


Formula One restyled logoSneak peek to the new Formula One restyled logo and we (Autobot India team) notice it as a ‘monotnous’ looking redesign. Even Lewis Hamilton agreed and said “I don’t think the new one is as iconic”. Liberty Media, the new owners of Formula One unveiled a new redesigned logo immediately after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The decision was taken considering that the game is changing and the old logo which ahs been in use for last 23 years is no more suitable.

The Formula One restyled logo is created by Wieden+Kennedy, London. The new logo even though is bold but, has a flat style design. The flat style design is a recent trend followed by most new designs but considering this is a fast paced sport, it definitely looks boring. Formula One’s first director of marketing, Ellie Norman defends the flat design and said it allows for “more personality” when animated or translated into 3D. “I think there are a multitude of different ways that we can bring it to life,” she said, explaining that the logo can be reworked visually and audibly to increase the excitement.

The old logo was more exciting, with a black “F” adjacent to a “1″ built out of white space and emblazoned with speed strakes, whereas the Formula One redesigned logo is a simple three line design, to make things all the more boring. We can be fair to say that design of the old logo might also be seen as a bad design by many, but, it still had a great fan following and perhaps has been enjoyed for a long time.

F1’s logo reveal after Abu Dhabi comes ahead of a full relaunch next March, when Liberty will reveal new digital platforms, new television graphics and new live-streaming services for fans in different markets.

“At the end of the day they are people,” she said. “[Growing up racing] I imagine that it’s a logo that they kept close to their heart. I think the more that we kick off next season and start to demonstrate what Formula One is doing for fans to help grow the sport, then I think their reactions will change.”

Even though I am not a designer, I think I might have my personal preference, Everybody has got an opinion in F1. What could be seen as important is how fast fans accept the Formula One restyled logo.




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