MIA CEO Chris Aylett talks about Electric Motorsport Revolution!


Well countries plan to go green and ban petrol and diesel vehicles. This surely has been a topic for discussion amongst all the manufacturers. Paris plans to ban petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, France plans to ban them by 2040 and now UK government follows and decided to go all electric by 2040. Even the Indian government has a vision of switching to full electric by 2030 and also to boost ‘Make in India’ initiative which saw Suzuki Motor and Toyota Motor join hands to manufacture electric vehicles in India.

Electric Motorsport - Chris AyletWith such steps being announced by all major economies, motorsports is bound to have a huge impact. But, would this mean motorsports would cease to exist? Even though Formula E as an Electric Motorsport championship has been introduced but the same has not been very successful to pull fans away from Formula One. Motorsport Industry Association (MIA) CEO Chris Aylett shares his thoughts on the possible impact on motorsport.

“Ever since this announcement some question whether this will be the end of motorsport, but I simply don’t believe this will prove to be the case. The announcement didn’t clarify that petrol or diesel simply can’t be the ‘sole’ source of propulsion from 2040, so Hybrid vehicles, with internal combustion engines, will be fine.”

During Roman days humans loved racing with horses and chariots. The innovation in automotive lead them to racing with cars, planes, yachts and even tucks and racing has been a part of human DNA, so will electric motorsport.

According to Chris Aylett next two decades will see some fascinating developments in hybrid technology. The transition has already started for example turbo charged three cylinder engines which are powerful lightweight and superbly efficient. New powertrains with different power source like electric, hydrogen or even new power sources. This might be the most memorable period of disruption and innovation leading to newer generation of audience.

“These cutting-edge energy-efficient solutions will attract a new, young audience who will be entertained and excited by the transport of tomorrow. We’ll see new racing series emerging for this new audience to enjoy in a different way than today.”

“I’m confident we will be enjoying similar, and also different, forms of motorsport up to 2040 and far beyond, which is good news for the industry and fans too”

With most industry experts in favor of electric vehicles and the amount of innovation seen in electric motorsport revolution with Formula E Championship and Electric Driverless championship like Roborace, motorsports might not die down as early as we think.

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