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Driverless Electric Racing- Roborace

Devbot Prototype – Source Roborace

The automotive industry is headed towards an electric revolution and adoption of autonomous driverless future. This sure would take time, but would modern motorsport also catch up?

Automotive industry plans to go green and so is motorsports with FIA World Endurance Championship and Formula One adding Hybrids and introduction of electric racing Formula E Championship. But, what about autonomous technology in motorsports?

Autonomous technology is more relevant in consumer space as it helps reduce traffic and accidents. Whereas in motorsports action and competition attracts fans. So is driverless technology actually needed? We asked a lot many questions and we actually are confused on the same. Needed or not Driverless Electric Racing competition is ready!

Driverless Electric Racing

Roborace, the world’s first driverless electric racing competition, is set to take pride of place on the Autosport Stage at Autosport International 2018. Well, at the forefront of future technology Roborace is a platform for development of driverless technology in an extreme environment where race cars learn to drive a track with artificial intelligence. This has been designed by auto enthusiast who designed vehicles in Hollywood movies such as “Tron” and “Oblivion,”

Coming to driverless electric racing car ‘Robocar’ is designed to show there is no human driver needed even on the track. Robocar’s Nvida Drive PX2 GPU “brain” is capable of up to 24 trillion A.I. operations per second. These cars are pretty fast and weigh over 1000kg, it boasts four 300kW motors – one at each wheel to allow torque vectoring – making the car capable of speeds over 200mph (320kph). So, the speed is here to stay but, the point is whether the fun and action is the same or not as machines learn to shove off driving errors.

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Roborace will be a support series for FIA Formula E. It will provide an environment to develop A.I. technology for road vehicles at a faster rate than they can be developed on regular roads. Not to miss, reigning FIA Formula E Champion Lucas di Grassi was announced as Roborace CEO in September this year.

He added on the same –

“It’s a pleasure to bring Robocar to the Autosport Stage. Roborace is the first and only competition series in the world for autonomous driver technologies and is therefore an important part of the motorsport world. Autosport International gives us the opportunity to meet visitors and introduce them to the incredible possibilities of autonomous technology and the very real application it will have to their own road cars in the coming years.”


Racing is loved in all forms and Roborace seems to define as to how the driverless electric racing would develop further and establish its AI capability.



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