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To play with racing car toys still, attracts while the desire to create real racing vehicles is a latent desire still burning inside many students of engineering backgrounds. Autobot helps to satisfy this desire.

Autobot mission is to inspire, educate and support young engineers (students and enthusiasts) to promote the Design-to-Race (D2R) culture across the learning communities worldwide. It aims to empower students in collaboration with leading engineering and departments and Institutes worldwide by offering value addition training and development programs. It provides students a new opportunity fulfilling their latent desires of applying knowledge for creating All-Terrain-Vehicles (ATV’s). This opportunity can bring a fresh wave of ideas triggering new waves of innovations in the University and the region.

About the “Passion to build” Program

Passion to Build” is a flagship training program of Autobot, initiated towards promoting experiential learning (Design to Build for Racing). The program offers customized or standalone training programs, workshop, seminars and rigorous testing through participating in ATV racing events. We provide training programs in the following areas:

  1. ATV design and development
  2. Special purpose automobile manufacturing
  3. Automotive design & modification
  4. Robotics
  5. Defense Arm Design
  6. EV’s design and development

Autobot Engineers India is a Private Limited company (Company Act 2013). In India, Autobot has launched an innovative and skill-driven training model that holistically address the need for preparing work-ready engineer professionals. The core philosophy of Autobot India is to produce productive young engineers for the industry and establish the Design-to-Race culture (D.T.R. Culture) among students. It is majorly focused on practical learning, skill development, supporting the education/academic curriculum in through blended learning programs. It will further expand its variations to serve in Electronics, Electrical, and Aviation sector besides Automobile Sector to accomplish the vision of D.T.R. culture in various sectors.

The event aims at addressing areas of real-life challenges and disaster management practices through All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV’s) racing championships. The event also aims to promote good engineering practices in the manufacturing of off-road and ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) for designers by providing a platform where they can learn to design, manufacture and understand the utility of such vehicles accessing rough terrains. Apart from sporting, the event aims to educate the people and spread awareness of safety practices regarding the wide application of such versatile vehicles. The participants demonstrate their knowledge of Engineering Design, Manufacturing, and Racing skills. They actually have to design and then fabricate an ATV (All Terrain Vehicles) from scratch and prove the usefulness of their design for enhancing the performance of the vehicles.

Promoting Maker Culture in India


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